With the changing technology and changing trends, several new sweets have also been introduced in the market. Most of these new sweets have replaced the old ones. If you have a sweet tooth and wish to enjoy the candies and chocolates that were available when you were a kid, you can consider exploring the online […]

All around the world, there are many cuisines which are unique in their own way. Out of all, Indian cuisine is special with a wide of variety of ingredients and spices. India has a diverse climate due to which soil type, climate and other factors affect the herbs and vegetables which are grown. Indian cuisine […]

Jelly is sweet, soft, and yummy and loved by people of all ages. Now, there are different options in jellies available. Those who have gone vegetarian can go for jellies that are made of seaweed agar, sweetener, and fruit juice. These are healthy vegetarian jelly sweets that will satisfy your sweet cravings and also do […]

Catering services are the important part of any of the corporate events that is of long duration. Whether it is the business meeting, conference, seminar or just a get-together, catering services play an important role in making your guests to feel delightful. All the guests and the invitees wait of the delicious food on such […]

If you love Asian food and cook as well then you should surely know about the shiitake mushrooms. In Asia, especially in Chinese dishes, use of dried shiitake mushrooms is very prominent and it is often used in dishes like braises, soups, steamed dishes. This mushroom has a strong and intense flavor that adds much […]