Essential Guide About The Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

If you love Asian food and cook as well then you should surely know about the shiitake mushrooms. In Asia, especially in Chinese dishes, use of dried shiitake mushrooms is very prominent and it is often used in dishes like braises, soups, steamed dishes. This mushroom has a strong and intense flavor that adds much more taste to the dish. Best part of this mushroom is that it is considered very healthy and it contains no fat. Moreover, vegetarians can also eat this mushroom.

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shiitake mushroom

Both dried as well as fresh shiitake mushrooms always make the food delicious with its aroma. But this mushroom is very easy to find in Asian market and there are many shops in which you can get this mushroom. However, nowadays there are many websites available that sell shiitake mushroom, at very reasonable rates and also of assured and best quality. Best thing of this mushroom is that it doesn’t rot for months or sometimes even for a year. But in order to maintain its quality, you need to keep it in an air tight container and keep it in a cool place such as a refrigerator.

Shiitake mushroom is not like other mushrooms that don’t cook easily when they get dried. Even when it gets dry, it contains more flavors and cooks more easily. Dried mushroom can be best used in soups of any flavor and taste because dried mushrooms soak up the gravy of the soup and with the added flavor of soup, mushroom gives you a more delicate taste.


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