Why Should You Start Drinking Tea

You have heard people saying that they wish to leave the habit of drinking tea. The fact is that what they want is to cut down the number of cups of tea that they drink in a tea. Chai is a popular Indian beverage that one can have with family as well as business associates. It is something that can help people start conversations.


Masala chai has become a popular choice in the US and the western world as the concoction of tea, spices, and herbs is the best to make people feel fresh and it also saves them from many diseases.

Variations in tea

If you are someone who loves to experiment with your tea, then you can explore the variations available in it. The choice of tea depends on the taste of an individual. There are spices such as cloves, ginger, pepper, fennel, and cinnamon that are used in making tea.

Is black tea good?

If you are a vegan or you are lactose intolerant, then black tea can work as a savior for you. It has anti-oxidant properties that provide anti-inflammatory effects on the body. There have been many studies that show that drinking black tea also reduces the damage that happens because of free radicals that are there in the environment.

The main reason why any chai could be beneficial for you is because of the spices that are used in it. Thus, before you choose a chai masala, make sure that you go through the ingredients of it.

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